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  • Trapped in a strange room where nothing is what it seems

  • 60 minutes to get out!

  • Unravel the secrets, solve the mysteries and escape!

  • Teams of 2 to 6 people and we also cater for large groups

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  • Icono de Book your mission online or by phone and pay the deposit

    1. Book your mission online or by phone and pay the deposit

  • Icono de Arrive 15 minutes before your mission time at our venue

    2. Arrive 15 minutes before your mission time at our venue

  • Icono de You enter the room and the 60 minute countdown begins

    3. You enter the room and the 60 minute countdown begins

  • Icono de Solve a series of enigmas and puzzles to complete your mission and escape

    4. Solve a series of enigmas and puzzles to complete your mission and escape

  • Icono de Escape on time (Or nearly!) and celebrate with your team!

    5. Escape on time (Or nearly!) and celebrate with your team!

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Lucille Sankovich was evil in life and is evil in death. You’re about to enter her home in order to break the curse she placed on everyone in her town before she died. Retrieve her ashes and escape before her crazy son Ismael returns home and finds you. Break the code to break the curse!



You’re about to enter an abandoned bunker in order to defuse a bomb which will destroy a whole city. One of our spies, agent 3105 has infiltrated the terrorist camp and left behind clues to help you deactivate it. We are counting on you to break the code and save us all!



  • 2 players: S/ 70 per person
  • 3 players: S/ 65 per person
  • 4 players: S/ 55 per person
  • 5 players: S/ 50 per person
  • 6 players: S/ 45 per person

Teams of 2 to 6 people per game. Ask about our options for large groups!




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  •       Calle Manuel Bonilla 106 - Miraflores
  •       Every day 9am – 9pm
  •       +51 5072097
                +51 959213138

Do you have a group with more than 14 participants?
Call us at +51 979797150

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As instructed in your confirmation email you need to arrive 15 minutes prior to the selected time in order to receive the correct preparation for the mission. If you arrive late you will lose valuable minutes which could impede your escape! As we have other groups playing throughout the day and for production purposes (mainly so we can get everything cleared up from the previous group and so we don’t reveal any spoilers in the process!), if you arrive early you may not be allowed into the premises until your allocated time.
The game has a maximum duration of 1 hour and we have bookings all throughout the day. So unfortunately if you arrive late you may still play the game but you will lose valuable minutes which could affect your mission and ability to escape the room. We request that you arrive 15 minutes before your booking in order to be fully briefed and that you ensure you know where we are located prior to setting off. You can find a map in your booking or on our contact page. If you do get lost please just give us a call on +515072097 or +51959213138 and we will be happy to direct you. Do not worry we speak English!
The game itself takes 60 minutes but we require you to arrive 15 minutes before in order to receive instructions and after the game you might want to take some celebratory photos with your team and write in our visitor book about your experience, so in total we recommend you allow for a maximum of 1 hour 30 minutes.
Due to very high demand and a limited number of spaces we do not allow cancellations. However, we know that unexpected things can sometimes crop up so if you need to change your booking we will do all we can to accommodate you but you must give us 24 hours notice. Please note that our ability to change your booking to a suitable time depends on our availability. Please call us if you wish to make a change.
The easiest way to book is to visit our bookings page and choose which game you would like to play between the two missions we currently have in lima. Then choose an available date and time you would like to come. Just fill in your details with a valid email address and contact telephone number. We will then send you confirmation of your booking which we will hold for 24 hours until a deposit is paid to secure your slot. you can do this by either coming to our offices, bank transfer, or online using a visa credit or debit card. We will subsequently be in touch to re-confirm the booking. If you prefer you can book directly at our offices located at calle manuel bonilla 106, miraflores or give us a call on +51 5072097 or +51 959213138 to make a booking over the phone.
Our standard pricing – but be sure to look out for promotions! Price per person: 2 players - S/70, 3 players - S/65, 4 players - S/55, 5 players - S/50, 6 players - S/45 total for the group: 2 players - S/140, 3 players - S/195, 4 players - S/220, 5 players - S/250, 6 players - S/. 270 We accept cash and all major credit and debit cards. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club.
Yes of course! We think this is a great family game for all ages but is better suited to children from 12 years of age due to the level of difficulty which might be too challenging for younger children. However, if you are the parent of a very smart young man or lady and you wish to bring them, everyone is welcome!
The franchise has a variety of fantastic games and we aim to bring all of them to lima at some stage so look out for new games in the future! If you have already played one of our games and you enjoyed it, we would highly recommend you try the other game.
You may find some rather mysterious décor but the game is not designed to be scary. Instead it’s designed to test various skills in order to solve puzzles, complete a mission and escape from the room. Please note that if for some reason someone would like to leave the room during the game you can just let us know and we will open the door for you.
No. We are very protective over maintaining the element of surprise in order to provide the best experience for our players. You will only be able to see the room for the first time when you actually go in to play.